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August 26, 2010

Hope y’all had an amazing summer, and are settling back into the swing of things here around town… we also took advantage of our summer vacay’s, and took a bit of a hiatus, but are happy to say we’re back and better than ever! We’ve revamped our Web site a bit, and have a new URL which you can find HERE, so be sure and bookmark that ish. Now all our awesome style sites are connected to the mother hubbard: Enjoy, and welcome back to the bluegrass!!


When you hit a wall, just kick it in.

June 2, 2010

As many of you know, all good things take time, but the anticipation has been literally been killing us. Well, after much waiting, wondering, and most of all, excitement, the time has come! Friends, we present to you the world premiere of Neon Indian’s music video, the “Sleep Paralysist“. Directed by the über-talented Aaron Brown & Ben Chappell, (the Focus Creeps)– you will see that this video is truly a work of art. Once again, we send them a million and one thank yous for allowing UKYstyle to be a part of it all, and for letting us see just how amazing the entire process was.

Check out the finished product here: UTTER INSANITY.

Also, there’s a little blurb by Spinner magazine about Alan Palomo’s (Neon Indian) Lexington experience– he even tried a ‘hot brown’! And, for those of you that simply couldn’t get enough of the video, you can check out some sweet behind the scenes footage and write-ups, here and here.

I need to stop hanging out with sociopathic liars who believe they’re in couture.

May 28, 2010

Spotted. Errr, striped? Ladies, this is just a friendly reminder to play up your assets this summer, not your drawbacks– and take a glance at your backside before you wander out the door.. because there is nothing right about this, and that is the truth.

dwell in the realm of infinite possibility

May 11, 2010

For those of you that haven’t heard about or checked out Street Scene yet….. it’s a must. Here’s a lil’ info & some pretty sweet pics to fill you in on what’s what with this amazing place.

Before Street Scene opened, the owners Kathryne Wiseman and Terri Wood were just extreme lovers of vintage items. When their garages got too big for their obsession, they opened a booth at Feather Your Nest, (which they still have) to have a place to share their love of all things vintage. Soon, though, even that space became too small for them and after patiently waiting, they were able to snag the space right next to Terri’s other business,(Coffee Times Coffee House) and opened Street Scene on July 17, 2007 at 2575 Regency Road.

The awesome thing about Street Scene is that most of its merchandise comes directly from the Lexington community; so it’s a really great example of reusing and recycling – in style, of course. Street Scene both buys and consigns items from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and a touch of the 80s. Every Monday from 10am – 6pm, Street Scene is open for people to come in and sell their items, no appointment necessary! The owners also go out (in state and out of state) and shop for items for the store, as well.

Street Scene wasn’t always as large as it is now – it has undergone two renovations to house all the fantastic -and most importantly- unique stuff they find. Carrying a variety of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories, jewelry, small and large furniture, knick knacks, kitchen and barware, local artists’ works, TOMS shoes and just about everything in between.

If all this wasn’t convincing enough, get off your arse and go check it out for yourself! You’ll be glad you did, and guaranteed to find something you probably can’t live without… well, you might be able to, but why would you want to?

I dig myself to the center of the earth

May 7, 2010

Kourtni (20, Nursing Major) knows that to get her point across, you gotta tell it to ’em straight. Take a note from this cutie and vamp up any summer ‘fit by adding some strappy pumps & bold color accents.

Vanessa (Chicago, 28) knows that vintage is where it’s at, snazzing up an all black ensemble with her vintage fish necklace and red bag.

like throwing hearts in a fresh cut grass in May

May 1, 2010

This history grad student, Danielle (22, Lextown native) knows the importance of coffee during finals. Take a tip from her and grab a café au lait and add a little pep to your step and study sesh, as you try to keep all of your affairs in order.

…and for all of you that are spending endless hours at Willy T, hating life, here’s a little video that will remind you of all the hilarious things that happen in that monstrosity of a library every year.

Do WELL on your finals!

(..we say well because if it’s down to luck at this point, you’re probably screwed.)

What’s your middle initial? I need it for the census. I put us down as “unmarried partners.”

May 1, 2010

Are you going to workout or.. are you trying to look cute? What are you doing? The terrible trend has been in the works for seasons now, looking almost like a uniform when you count the dozens of girls donning pastel colored athletic shorts and inappropriate footwear. At least it is spring and most girls have left the heinous Ugg & athletic short combo behind for good.